06 May 2007

Quiz Time!

Quiz question: What is the name of the man in this photo?

27 August 2006

Blackout - Blood - Ouch

I was walking to towards my office when suddenly I experienced a blackout. It was about 9am in the morning but it seemed like someone just switched off the Sun and it was pitch black. I thought I had turned blind as I could not see anything. Thinking back, the blackout should not have lasted more than one second. At the end of the split second blackout, I heard a very faint voice... "Win... dow!"... Then in slow motion I regained my vision and I saw two very worried looking faces.

What happened was my head had hit the corner of a window that was opened too wide. My colleague walking behind me tried to warn me by shouting "CAREFUL ! WINDOW!!" but it was too late. My head struck the window the instant she shouted "CAREFUL!" The same colleague witnessed the corner of the window sinking into my head. Instinctively she grabbed me as I stumbled and almost lost balance after the hard hit.

There was another colleague with me. Within the next split second, my two colleagues exclaimed
"Are you okay? How do you feel? You didn't see the window?! You just hit your head on a window!"

By now my hand was already pressing on the area of my head which hit the window. Surprisingly I felt no pain. I just felt very stunned. My whole head felt numb. I reassured my colleagues
"It is not painful, I am okay"

My colleague asked
"Is there any bleeding?"

I took my palm off my head and could not believe what I saw: about HALF of my palm was in BLOOD !! Then I was worried. I was worried that I may faint soon.

You may not believe it but the pain came almost TEN hours later! There was no pain while I pressed a tissue firmly to my head as my colleague sped at 100+ km per hour to the clinic. There was no pain when the doctor injected local anesthesia in my head. There was no pain when the doctor stitched my wound using a needle and thread.

The pain came after the anesthesia wore off at about 7pm the evening. OoowwwW !!! OUCH !

19 August 2006

National Day Celebration Fireworks By Team Italy

I was standing at lamp post number 239 (Find three digits painited in red in this photo.) on bridge between Esplanade and One Fullerton
Compared to previous year (refer to my post dated 14 August 2005), the pictures this time round are better.
Camera Type: Low End Digital
Brand: BenQ
Camera Type: Professional Digital SLR
Brand: Nikon

06 August 2006

The Da Vinci Code (Singapore Version)

Can you break the code? Should be easy ya?

11 July 2006

Inline Skating Anyone?

I just got myself a pair of inline skates, so exciting! Anyone out there skates? Can teach me how to:

1. Stand still
2. Brake
3. Go up slope

09 July 2006

Summary For May To July 2006

3rd work trip to China (Guangdong)

June to July
1st work trip to India (Mumbai and Pune)
1st training trip to America (Chicago)
Alternate day work trip to Malaysia (Johor)

Hmmm... feels like my blog is becoming more like a travel blog ya?

04 June 2006

Taiwan Trip (April 2006)

Dan Shui (seaside)

Yang Ming Shan: Fresh air & lots of greenery!

Yummy "Po Piah" (stall in background) along "Ming-2 Shen-1 Dong-1 Lu-4 Yi-4 Duan-4"

Work Trip To China (March 2006)

It was after 12 days of back breaking work did my colleagues & me get a few hours of free time to shop in this trip and this was the only street we went.

Hong Kong (Disneyland) Jan 2006

Mong Kok: Crowded, plenty of (sports) shoes shops

Delicious food and "shop-till-you-drop" along this street =)

Ah! Here I am at the famous castle of Disneyland!

At the front gate of Hong Kong Disneyland
(Can you spot the Mickey Mouse icon in this photo?)

In a Chinese Junk touring waters around the Jumbo